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Verkhne-Morskaya street 6B, Nakhodka city, Primorsky Krai

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Founder, owner and director of the Museum

Boklag Anatoly Alekseevich



About museum

The main type of activity – phaleristics. Collection and study of awards and signs of the Great Russian Empire, USSR, Russian Federation. Gradual study of life and everyday life of the Jin Empire (Golden Empire).

The purpose of the museum is to preserve what was, what used to live. Everyone had, and I have. Every event or significant achievement was marked by expression in a certain sign. This is a colossal work of preserving the history of the development of society and ideology, a kind of Time Machine. Ideology – the development of consciousness and movement in the right direction – worked more than 100%, which, unfortunately, is forgotten nowadays. Encouragement for some good achievements stimulates the emergence of other, more meaningful deeds. The Jin Empire is the Golden Empire. This is the history of the Jurchens living on the territory of Primorsky Krai from 1118 to 1234 in the famous Gorodishchi.