“Boston” sewing salon museum

Primorsky region

Contact information

Vladivostok, ul. Sukhanova, building 6b, apartment 24

Tel.: +7 (902) 556-59-69

E-mail: danya.ks@mail.ru

Operating hours

Monday – Friday: from 10:00 to 18:00

Ticket price


During the time of exhibitions – 100 rubles

Founder of the museum

Irina Borisovna Kachina



About museum

At the opening of the salon-atelier, my husband gave me an old iron on coals. It was in perfect harmony with my grandmother’s old “Singer” sewing machine, which I used to learn to sew with. I remembered the spinning wheel and the old fashion magazines, stored in my husband’s family. All this fits into the interior of the salon. Gradually, visitors of the atelier started to offer various sewing rarities, but most of all -sewing machines. As a result, there are 20 different sewing machines that arouse genuine interest among citizens. After all, all of them still work, despite the fact that many of them are more than 100 years old. For the New Year, we decided to decorate the Christmas tree with old Christmas toys, and we were so interested in this activity that we gathered a huge collection and put it on display in various museums of the city during the New Year holidays in Vladivostok.

The collection includes sewing machines produced from 1905 to 1954 by various companies: Sinqer, Meissner Biesolt, Durlach Gritzner, Gosshveymashina, PMZ, Avtopribor, etc.; fashion magazines from 1900 to 1988, books on cutting and sewing until 1960; irons – coal, incandescent, electric; spinning wheels, thimbles, scissors, oilers, thread, buttons, and other sewing accessories until 1960; silk tapestries of the 30s; Japanese dolls from the years 1945-1960; a collection of hats, bags and gloves of the 1960s; a collection of Christmas toys and postcards from the pre-revolutionary and Soviet period up to 1966, including a complete series of Christmas toys on “Cipollino” clothespins; children’s toys of the Soviet period, dolls, bears, and cars. There are many other items of Soviet life: cameras, gramophone records, watches, furniture, and phones; these are instrumental in creating the atmosphere of that time. You can touch everything with your hands, play with toys, sew on machines, leaf through magazines, listen to records, make phone calls, etc.