The Soviet Daily Life Museum

Perm region

Contact information

Perm, Tsiolkovskogo st., Building 9

Tel.: +7 (950) 457-33-32


Operating hours

Daily, by appointment

Ticket price

150 rubles – discount, 200 rubles – full price

Founder and owner of the museum

Kostareva Nina Ivanovna



About museum

The collection contains household items from the beginning of the 20th century to the ’90s that were part of everyday life for almost all Soviet people. For the older generation, the exhibition will bring back heartwarming memories and inspire positive feelings. But the museum will be interesting for the younger generation as well because everyday objects from the youth of their parents are no longer in use today. Kids will not only learn about the toys that their parents had played with but also play the games of their grandparents. Here you can touch some exhibits, play games, try on clothes, and buy souvenirs!

In the museum you can:

– listen to records;

– watch film strips;

– play board games;

– take pictures;

– buy souvenirs;

– play musical instruments.