The Museum of Robot Transformers

Perm region

Contact information

Perm Krai, Perm, Chernyshevsky st., 28, 4th floor, BELCHER shopping center.

Phone: +7 (950) 45-54-820, +7 (922) 246-42-36,


Operating hours

daily 10:00-20:00, by appointment

Ticket price

Ticket: 250 rubles/person.

Guided tour: 500-1500 rubles/person.

The founder, owner, director of the museum

Andrey Sergeyevich Zhuravlev



About museum

The museum is dedicated to a rare art form — engineering and design mechanisms known as transformers. These unusual models can shapeshift through a sequence of mechanical manipulations.

Each model’s design combines images of machinery, animals, and various robots. A transformer can have two, three, four, or, at most, seven modes at the moment. All toy lines were and are only produced once. Few of them have been preserved to the present day, but back in the days, children could see them. Like any product that has only been released once, many didn’t survive to the present day, so the museum aims to find, preserve, display and introduce each transformer toy model.

In addition to the models themselves, there is another side of this topic, namely manufacturers, creators of transformers. The museum tries to tell the story of these talented people and the amount of work they put into the creation of this unique area of engineering.