The Museum of Dog Breeding

Perm region

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Perm region, Perm, Sovetskaya street, Building 64

Tel.: +7 (912) 492-26-54



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Founder, owner, and director of the museum

Victor Arkadievich Shulyatyev



About museum

The Museum of Dog Breeding has more than 3500 unique items in its collection. In this “vault” of the past, in addition to a large number of old documents and photographs, visitors can explore various exhibitions, listen to the stories of dog breeding and historical narratives, remember long-forgotten events, and learn about little-known facts.

A large collection with various exhibits is divided into several unique displays: The Life of a Dog Breeder, The Office of the Head of the Club, Children’s Educational Museum, Use of Dogs in the Great Patriotic War, Hunting, etc.

Exhibitions presenting the history of dog handler training for military multisport races, service dog triathlons, and pentathlons are also quite popular.

Stamps, postcards, labels, and coins celebrating dogs, porcelain figurines, Kasli cast-iron sculptures, badges, awards, calendars, chevrons – everything that we collected so passionately in the past and still collect in the present have all been brought together in one exhibition: The World of Our Hobbies, which allows us to trace the stages of the history of dog breeding.

The Museum of Dog Breeding preserves the memory of our four-legged friends.