The Museum of Antiquities in Polazna village

Perm region

Contact information

Perm Krai, Dobryanskiy district, Polazna village, Mira str.

Tel. +7 (950) 460-66-85 Alexander, +7 (952) 330-62-51 Tamara


VK id12694072

Operating hours

From 10:00 to 18:00 daily

Ticket price

Adult ticket – 100 roubles

Kids ticket – 50 roubles

The founder, the owner and the director of the museum

Rohr Alexander Yakovlevich



About museum

The story of the museum’s origins is linked to the appearance of the simplest rocker in the house. Aleksander Yakovlevich suggested placing a rocker on the empty wall of the outhouse and hanging flower pots there. Who could have imagined that such an idea would become an open-air museum!

The activities of the museum are aimed at preserving antiques, introducing the way of village life, running master classes in weaving on an old loom, popularizing museum activities through the implementation of interactive technology.

The museum’s exhibits include antiquities from the pre-Soviet and Soviet periods. The basis of the exhibition are labour tools, household items, utensils, building tools, etc.