PELAGEYA Rag Doll Studio Museum

Perm region

Contact information

Perm Krai, Perm, Stakhanovskaya str., 18 (in the building of the Stakhanovets Community Center).

Phone: +7 (912) 885-25-63; 280-44-66 (office);


Operating hours

Mon. – Fri.

Ticket price

Visiting classes for children – from 50 rubles, for adults – 250 rubles.

Classes and master classes on the territory of the Stakhanovets Community Center are free of charge.

Founder, owner, and director of the museum

Olga Nikolaevna Popova



About museum

A few years ago, only collectors knew about these dolls.

The dolls have been abroad for a very long time. And finally they have returned to their homeland! They come here from the US and Western Europe to join private collections. Today everyone wants to learn about these unique dolls with a century-long history. That is why masters from our studio have been studying them since 2018.

To date, there are more than a thousand dolls and toys in the museum, 27 thematic collections and photo exhibitions covering topics from traditional folk dolls to modern interior cloth dolls and toys.

The most valuable of the collections is a collection of antique artel dolls and their copies. We have already recreated a third of the famous images and plan to keep up this creative work. Dolls have different designs, height, and purpose. A lot of traditional techniques can be found in these handicrafts of a century ago.

Fascinating images, unusual movable design, authentic Russian costumes on the dolls won our hearts with their simplicity of making and originality.

In addition to well-known repeated designs, our artists created their own highly popular Perm dolls based on the artel designs.

– Wire-frame artel doll (up to 23 cm) Tanka and Vanka, Grishka and Akulina

– Large costume dolls (up to 40 cm) Shepherd boy, Smolyanka

– Stuffed dolls (up to 25 cm) KATYUSHA (Olga, Vera, Katya)

– Wire-frame dolls in winter clothes (up to 23 cm) FILIPPOK and his girlfriend

– Perm souvenir dolls (based on artel designs) PERMYACHOK, PERMYACHKA.