The Private Museum of the Axe

Omsk region

Contact information

Omsk Region, Omsk district, Azgrad Village

Tel.: +7 (960) 973-59-68


Operating hours

12:00 – 14:00 daily

Ticket price

Ticket + workshop – 100 rubles

Tour – 300 rubles

Founder and owner of the museum

Ivan Valentinovich Skomoroschernko



About museum

Ivan Valentinovich Skomoroschenko is a hereditary carpenter who had been collecting old work tools, and when the number of tools exceeded 300, he realized that it was time to create an Axe Museum; this museum is the only one of its kind in the world!

The creator of the Museum of the Axe is a teacher at the Russian Academy of Knowledge, Skills, Mastery, and the creator of the Ivan Valentinovich Skomoroschenko School of Carpenters (Uncle Vanya’s School). For 9 years he has been a developer of competitive conditions and a member of the jury at the International Festival-Competition “Axe Holiday” (the city of Tomsk).

The exhibits include not only axes from different time periods, nations and countries (there are more than 300 of them in the museum), but all the tools associated with the harvesting and processing of wood. These include a stamp of a forester, two-handed, bore saws and a workable hand sawmill, as well as plows, a workbench, clamps, carpenter vices, various marking and measuring tools, tools for drilling, chiseling, chisels, planers, a jointer, hooks, cutters and cooperage tools, etc.