The “Tatiana So-Do” Art Gallery

Novgorod region

Contact information

Novgorod Region, Borovichskiy district, Konchanskoye-Suvorovskoye Township, Sopini Village, Building 50

Telephone: +7 (981) 197-91-70


Operating hours

From 18th May until mid-September

Ticket price


Founder of the museum

Tatiana Vasilyevna Solovyova-Domashenko



About museum

Tatyana Vasilyevna Solovyova-Domashenko is a hereditary artist who has been a member of the Union of Artists of Russia since 1975. In the late 90s, she decided to create a museum focused on a family of hereditary artists. Tatyana’s father, a professional artist, Vasily Petrovich Soloviev (1913-2001), was a member of the Leningrad art fund. Tatyana So-Do’s works are in museums in St. Petersburg, the Vatican library, galleries in England, Sweden, Veliky Novgorod, Novosibirsk, Irkutsk, etc. In the 70-80s, she illustrated more than 40 children’s books, and in 2002 she bought a former school building built in 1898, repaired it, and created an exposition with an area of 700 square meters.

There are more than 400 works presented in the Halls of Painting and more than 200 works presented in the Halls of Graphics.