The Museum of Traditional and Domestic Culture “Istoki” (Origins)

Novgorod region

Contact information

Novgorod Region, Borovichskiy district, Shakhterskiy Village, Tsentralnaya Street, Building 1б

Tel.: +7 (953) 906-55-76, +7 (951) 723-11-16


Operating hours

By appointment

Ticket price

Tour + workshop – 100 rubles

Founder of the museum

Nikolay Georgievich Alekseev



About museum

The idea of creating a museum arose from a passion for collecting antiques, tools, production instruments, utensils, and needlework. Having built up the premises, a museum exposition was formed consisting of four exposition zones: agricultural labor, arrangements in a Russian hut, female labor, and folk crafts.

The collection of rustic and peasant utensils totals more than 800 items from the 17th – 20th centuries.