“Walk in the Dark” Museum


Contact information

Moscow, ul. Avtozavodskaya, building 18, “Riviera” shopping center, 3rd floor

Tel.: +7 (495) 133-98-10

E-mail: admin@progulka-v-temnote.ru


Operating hours

Daily from 10:00 to 22:00

Ticket price

Full – 890 rubles

Children – 790 rubles

Founder of the museum

Elena Valerievna Stakheeva

Director of the museum

Elizabeth Eduardovna Radyuk



About museum

The “Walk in the dark” museum opened in Moscow in April 2016. The aim of the museum was to give people a new experience and introduce them to the world of blind people. The owners of the museum believe that it is much easier to understand another person, having experienced his way of life, so we invite visitors to learn more about the life of a visually impaired or blind person in the city.

Guests will visit a sculpture museum, an Oriental spice shop, a busy street, a cozy apartment and a bar, where using all the senses except vision, visitors will try to recognize the surrounding objects, smells, sounds, and even tastes. Our guests will be accompanied by a blind or visually impaired guide, who will help you find the way out in the dark and tell you a lot of amazing facts about the life without good vision. The duration of the tour is 60-90 minutes.


“Dark” part, 40-45 minutes:

Familiar and understandable items, sounds, and smells tend to acquire unexpected and intriguing features in the dark. Are you ready to learn to trust your feelings? Your guide, for whom the lack of light is a part of everyday life, will help you to go through all the locations and find the way out in the dark.

“Light” part, 15-20 minutes:

In the” light ” part of the tour you will find a rich educational program. Our guides will tell you about Braille books and special typeface devices, and will also tell you about interesting facts regarding the lives of people who are deprived of vision.

The educational component of the tour is also aimed at developing children’s “emotional intelligence”. A look “from inside” will teach young guests tolerance towards blind people, as well as give them an unforgettable experience and vivid impressions!