The Workshop Museum of Liudmila Gurchenko


Contact information

Moscow, Trekhprudniy pereulok, 13, building 1

Tel.: +7 (977) 850-90-02


Operating hours

By appointment, closed on Mondays and Tuesdays

Ticket price

500 rubles

Tour – 1,000 roubles

Worskhop – 1,000 roubles

Founder of the museum

Sergei Mikhailovich Senin



About museum

You will find yourself in the unique atmosphere of the actress’s house, where you will see luxurious designer costumes and jewelry, antique furniture, and collections of uranium glass and ancient porcelain. In essence, you will find yourself in the world of Lyudmila Gurchenko, which she created throughout her life, surrounding herself with objects of rare beauty.

Creativity flourishes in the museum – in addition, workshops are held where you can create objects with your own hands that are similar in spirit and style to objects in the apartment. That is why the museum is also called the “workshop”.

We regularly host concert programs, the so-called “kvartirniki” (flat parties). After all, music has always been a part of this apartment. With the best performers of classical and jazz, famous opera singers, and pop singers, real music continues to be heard here today.