The Tsar’s Storeroom Museum


Contact information

Moscow, Izmailovsky Highway, building 73ж, The Izmailovo Kremlin

Tel.: +7 (915) 499-34-24


Operating hours

Sat, Sun, and holidays – from 11:00 to 18:00

Group excursions are possible on weekdays by prior arrangement

Ticket price

Entrance ticket – 100 rubles

Orders and regalia history tour – 200 rubles


– making a badge with an individual pattern – 200 rubles

– making a mug with an individual pattern – 400 rubles

The museum founder / owner

Pavel Gennadevich Ugolkov



About museum

The opening of the museum was preceded by many years of work. Since the 90s, work has been underway on the manufacture and reconstruction of rare and lost awards of the Russian Empire. After the accumulation of an impressive and unique collection, there was a desire to preserve, organize and exhibit the pieces for visitors.

The Tsar’s Storeroom Museum presents orders, coronation regalia, badges, and medals of the Russian Empire. This is a modern work, a historical reconstruction of the Russian Empire awards and regalia. The appearance of the exhibits gives a complete picture of what the royal regalia and awards looked like in the 18th – 20th centuries. Showcases are framed with posters with information about the life of all the Russian emperors. There are full-scale figures of Peter I and Catherine II. The Russian Empire award system is a powerful layer of our country’s history. Great events of the past, the heroes’ names, bloody battles, and victories are all reflected in the history of awards.

Museum exposition includes:

– Unique collection of orders;

– The Russian tsars’ main Regalia;

– Orders of the world.

Preparations are underway for exhibiting:

– Breastplates and medals;

– State emblems and award portraits;

– The White movement awards.