The “The Christmas Tree Factory” Museum


Contact information

Moscow, 5 Luchevoi prosek, 5а, bld. 3

Tel.: +7 (977) 311- 2000


Operating hours

Seasonal: November – January: 10:00 – 18:30, 7 days a week

Ticket price

Admittance and a tour – 300 – 500 rubles

Workshop – 350 rubles

No visits without a tour provided

Founder and owner of the museum

Igor Nikolaevich Khmelev

Director of the museum

Tatiana Alekseyevna Lukashina



About museum

The museum was opened in 2013 in Moscow.

The exposition includes the best industry patterns and technologies for the production of glass Christmas tree decorations, interactive secrets of the craft of glassblowers and artists, and traditions of the celebration of the New Year. Workshops are also held.

The museum has branches in St. Petersburg, Kazan, Kiev, Minsk, and Riga.

The industry collection contains Christmas Tree decorations from the 19th – 21st centuries (2500 exhibits), artifacts, and private collections of famous collectors.

The materials from which the toys are made include glass, cardboard, cotton wool, and wood.

The museum stores educational objects and materials and has an interactive exhibition.