“The Strelets Chambers” Moscow Streltsy Museum


Contact information

Moscow, Lavrushinsky per., building 17, structure 1

Tel.: +7 (495) 648-18-14

E-mail: museum@rvio.org


Operating hours

10 a.m. – 7 p.m. daily

Ticket price

Ticket – 150 – 400 rubles

Audio guide – 300 rubles

Costume tour with a master class – from 450 rubles

Excursion service:

up to 2 people – 500 rubles / group,

from 2 people – 200 rubles / person,

Museum Birthday – calculated individually,

Interactive program – 500 rubles.

The museum founder


The museum executive director

Elena Valerevna Sinitsina



About museum

The Strelets Chambers Military History Museum is located in the Titov Chambers building, an architectural monument of the 17th – 18th centuries, whose interiors and facade have preserved their historical appearance to this day. The first owner of the chambers was the Order-in-charge Prikaz Duma clerk, a confidant to Tsar Alexei Mikhailovich Semyon Stepanovich Titov, in whose honor the building got its name. However, his family owned the house only until the middle of the 18th century. Later on, the owners of the building constantly changed, and in the 1930–1940s communal apartments were located here, where people who worked as maintenance staff in the House of writers, built nearby a little earlier, settled. In 2014, the exhibition halls were opened in the chambers’ building, and already in November 2015, the Streltsy Chambers Military History Museum of the Russian Military Historical Society was opened here.

The rightful owners of the Strelets chambers are the streltsy, whom the main exposition of the museum is devoted to. The Moscow streltsy and the service people of the Moscow State Multimedia Expositions tell the history of the first Russian regular army and the development of domestic armed forces in the 17th century. The exhibits feature armaments, rare archival documents, large-scale installations and layouts, and uniform reconstructions, complemented by art paintings and multimedia panoramas. Everyone can feel like a real strelets, loading a musket, mastering the drumming, or writing according to the old Russian canons. There are also military-historical exhibitions and regularly held events: meetings, scientific lectures, creative evenings, holidays, and cultural marathons, such as Night at the Museum, Library Night, and Night of the Arts. The Partners in the creative projects’ implementation are the Moscow Kremlin State Historical and Cultural Museum-Reserve, the State Tretyakov Gallery, the ROSIZO State Museum and Exhibition Center, the Central Museum of the Great Patriotic War of 1941-1945, the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation Central Museum, the State History Museum, and other organizations.