The Russian Felt Boots Museum


Contact information

Moscow, 2nd Kozhevnichesky Pereulok, building 12

Tel.: +7 (910) 402-59-13


Operating hours

Mon – Sat upon request

Ticket price

Inspection with a short story – 100-150 rubles

Excursions – 300-350 rubles

Museum founder

Victor Mikhailovich Tymoshenko



About museum

The museum and its exposition are a manifestation of love and cordial attitude to the old felting industry of the oldest felt factory CJSC Horizon, expressed through its board of directors’ chairman, Viktor Mikhailovich Timoshchenko.

The Russian Felt Boots Museum is the only museum in Moscow where you can learn a lot about the everyday object and realize its full significance.

Feller, in the old days, was a master revered in Russia, and the roots of his skill go back centuries. Familiarity with the methods and tools of manual felting, the stages of the industrial production of felted shoes, watching a movie – all this will make it possible to trace the way the boots were born from a pile of sheep’s wool to the finished product.

Today, citizens’ love for felt boots is being brought back, and for designers and fashion designers the boots are becoming a trendy object of creativity; the imagination of artists can also be seen in the museum.

In the museum you can touch everything. Feeling the sheep’s wool with your fingers, feeling the weight of the iron in the grip, posing in painted boots, the child perceives the living in the departed.

Participation in creative contests arouses in children an interest in national culture. You can show your creative abilities in needlework classes, decorating felt boots with braid and beads or felting real ones.

As one of the visitors wrote in the review book: “There is nothing more primordially Russian than felt boots. To preserve them means to preserve Russian culture.”