The Rambunctious Children Museum


Contact information

Moscow, Enthusiasts Highway ul., building 24/43

Tel.: +7 (985) 190-92-96, +7 (916) 556-97-71


Operating hours

by appointment

Ticket price

Excursion and master class – 500 rubles

Family tickets

3 people – 1000 rubles

4 people – 1500 rubles

Birthdays – from 6000 rubles

The museum founder

Tatiana Aleksandrovna Skripko

The museum director

Olga Anatolyevna Leontseva



About museum

We live in a world of rules. They surround us, gradually closing in, their name is legion, it is impossible to remember everything, and to observe is often problematic. However, parents want their children to become educated people and not give up.

One day, a mother with many children got tired, threw out a white flag, and decided to look at the rules from an unexpected angle to figure out where they came from, why they contradict each other so often, and whether it is possible to become a well-mannered person without thinking about the rules. So that is how the Rambunctious Children Museum appeared.

The museum hosts tours for children from 7 to 14 years old and their parents, as well as for adults who are ready to fall into childhood. Each excursion comes with a free masterclass. The excursion + masterclass program takes, depending on the age and number of participants, from an hour to an hour and a half. The number of excursionists in one group is from 2 to 26 people.

Also, the museum hosts birthdays and holidays: Halloween, New Year, and April Fool’s Day.

There are no historically valuable artifacts in the museum’s collection. Exhibits are just visual aids that help us illustrate our conversations with children.

However, all the exhibits can be touched, measured, sniffed, and eaten without fear of damaging the world cultural heritage.