The Museum of Iron in the “Izmaylovo Kremlin” Recreational Center


Contact information

Moscow, Izmaylovskoe Shosse, 73ж

Tel.: +7 (926) 961-37-17


Operating hours

Tuesday through Sunday from 12:00 – 20:00, closed on Mondays

Ticket price

300 rubles

Founder of the museum

Mikhail Viktorovich Gubanov

Director of the museum

Maria Sergeyevna Novikova



About museum

100 years ago, the famous chemist of Tsarist Russia, V.K. Ferrein, brought as a gift from Europe one of the first electric irons (very rare at that time!) to our great grandfather, G. G. Gzhelev. This exhibit has been preserved in the family, and it began our history of collecting, which now spans more than 20 years; we have accumulated more than 1,500 exhibits!

The museum contains the largest collection of Europe and one of the world’s rarest specimens of irons from various eras; exhibits from all over the world are collected bit by bit under the roof of the private museum of Mikhail Viktorovich Gubanov and his family. Several halls feature steam, coal, gas, and electric irons, as well as antique accessories and household items. The Museum of Iron represents a unique collection of exhibits comprised of more than 1,500 rare artifacts from past eras. It is the only one of its kind in Moscow and the largest Museum of Iron in Russia! A huge quantity of ancient irons, costumes from the 18th -19th centuries, household items and ancient laundries, and antique objects and exhibits dated from the 15th to the middle of the 20th century do not leave even the most demanding public indifferent.