The Museum of Iconic Cars (M.O.S.T.)


Contact information

Moscow, Zubovsky Blvd., Crimean road bridge (entrance from Museon park and Gorky Park)

Tel.: +7 (985) 690-03-17, +7 (967) 047-53-77

Operating hours

Mon – Thu: 12:00–22:00

Fri – Sun: 12:00–23:00

Ticket price

Adults – 500 rubles

Schoolchildren – 200 rubles

Students, preferential categories of citizens – 300 rubles

Children under 7 years old – free

The museum founder (owner / director)

Vladimir Igorevich Semenyuta

The museum founder (owner / director)

Maxim Alexandrovich Borovkov



About museum

The museum founders have extensive experience in organizing mass events with iconic and unique cars. Each of the events received a positive response from the public. This is where the idea of creating a unique space for inspiration came from, where visitors would have the opportunity to get acquainted with iconic cars preserved in their original forms as well as with projects built by the best custom workshops of the Russian Federation. The cars are unique; some of them are the only existing copy of their kind in Russia.

In 2019, at the base of the Crimean bridge between Gorky Park and Museon Park, the Museum of Iconic Cars (M.O.S.T.) (@most_cultcars) was opened.

The museum was opened by the Mad Buckets Community (@mad_ _buckets) with the support of the two best custom workshops in Russia BigBoysBigToys (@bigboysbigtoys) and M-Customs (@m_customs).

Mad Buckets Community is known as the organizer of drag racing and circuit racing for classic and iconic cars as well as exhibitions and races across the Russian regions.

The museum occupies a unique space at the base of the Crimean bridge, which is part of the Garden ring.

There is a changing and thematic automobile exposition in the main hall of the museum, where the exhibits are displayed according to specific topics: design era, brand, and the history of the brand and model.

A separate hall with an inspection pit allows visitors to get acquainted with the technical structure of custom cars built by the best workshops in Russia. There, seriously modified sports cars are exhibited and you can also get acquainted with the technical solutions of engineers from past decades from the examples of cars that underwent comprehensive restoration.

Another hall in the museum is allocated for film screenings and lectures. The legendary De Lorean dmc-12 is displayed there, decorated in the Back to the Future iconic film style. Here, on a regular basis, lectures are held on the history of the automotive industry, the history of brands and trademarks, directions of automotive subcultures, and the history of motorsport.

A new bar, named Refueling, is part of the museum’s unique space under the same roof as the museum.

The cuisine combines street food and gourmet cuisine. The open kitchen prepares staffins (hot dogs without sausages with various fillings – from minced meat to lobster), clams in various sauces, Russian and Ukrainian borsch, and vegetarian and vegan dishes, as well as quesadillas, sandwiches, tacos and wings.

The total area of the space is 140 sq.m., allowing seating for 50-100 people.

Combined with the museum, the total area of the site is 3000 sq.m.

The bar and kitchen use both traditional dishware and individual disposable sets, according to your preferences. Reusable glasses and appliances undergo mandatory heat treatment. The bar is provided with products and pre-made food of its own production, which allows it to provide catering services at both on-site and off-site locations.

It is also planned to host a small motorcycle workshop on the museum’s territory, which will be engaged in the construction of motorcycles based on individual orders and will also become a kind of educational center. Two more spaces will be occupied by a classic barbershop and tattoo studio, which are also in the automotive subculture spirit.

The museum is part of the Museum Union in Russia.