The Museum of Graphic Culture


Contact information

Moscow, Michurinskii prospekt, 13, building 1

Тел.: +7 (916) 374-01-04


Operating hours

Open on Wednesdays, by appointment

Ticket price

Free admittance

Founders of the museum

Galina Anatolievna Anisimova, Anatolii Voktorovich Anisimov



About museum

Starting in 2008, Galina Anatolievna Anisimova began to collect materials about Soviet artists, who decorated money, and made documents, stamps, and postcards. This was in memory of her mother Lidia Fedorovna Mayorova (1927-2008), who worked all her life as an engraving artist at the Moscow Printing Factory Goznak, as well as her friends and colleagues.

Since 2008, the main task has been to preserve the memory of the artists who were unknown due to the specifics of the production. Gradually, the task became more global – to popularize and preserve the chapter of the history and culture of our Motherland, which we should be proud of. As the materials accumulated, new areas appeared in the Museum.

Tours of the Museum of Graphic Culture are conducted by Galina Anisimova, according to the memoirs of Lidia Mayorova. Over the past 10 years, about 40 exhibitions were held in various cities of Russia and abroad (Germany, Bulgaria, Spain).

The collection consists of official graphics that were in free circulation during the post-war period and before the collapse of the USSR (Soviet money, documents, stamps, postcards). The artists represented at the exhibition studied at the Goznak technical school during the Great Patriotic War and worked together with Lidia Mayorova. Each museum stand is dedicated to one of these artists and it also houses enlarged copies of their drawings or prints on government papers. Zooming allows you to see the highest precision of manual work and the quality of the performance of cutting engravings on metal printing forms.

The Cultural Property section of the Museum of Graphic Culture presents samples of classical engraving on money and postage stamps.