The Museum-Gallery of Gingerbread


Contact information

Moscow, Khokhlovskii Pereulok, 11, building 1

Tel.: +7 (495) 722-81-50



Operating hours

10:00 – 20:00, daily by appointment

Ticket price

Free admittance

Tour and workshop – 450 – 1,500 rubles

Founder of the museum

Sofi Bakery

Director of the museum

Kseniya Nikitashina



About museum

The museum is a platform for the exhibition of cultural values and a space for communication and development of knowledge of the history of our country in the fields of national culture and crafts.

Our interactive museum has been operating for more than three years as a unique exhibition-workshop. Here you will see exhibits and information about the gingerbread cookies of different nations and an exhibition of complex gingerbread handmade designs by masters. Tours, creative classes on painting gingerbread, and other thematic workshops are held; we decorate cakes for Easter.

We have accepted 400 Moscow school visits; every day we have more than 100 visitors. For the second consecutive year, the interactive “Gingerbread Museum” has been a participant in the Moscow Olympiad “Museums. Parks. Estates.” In December 2017 we were invited as a partner to the National Geographic exhibition “Nature of Russia 2017”. Together with the Russian guild of bakers (RosGPiK), the museum participates in the organization of the bread-baking festival (2018, 2019) at VDNKh; it is part of the jury for the competition of gingerbread masters from different cities of Russia. The museum holds charity events every month for poor and large families, and for children with disabilities.

Our interactive museum aims to return to the origins of Russian culture, strengthen family raditions that unite generations, promote a healthy lifestyle, and revive folk crafts.

Further development of the project involves replenishing the collection with valuable exhibits from all over Russia and the world, and expanding the multimedia zone, which is more interesting and understandable to modern children.