The Lomakov Museum of Vintage Cars and Motorbikes


Contact information

Moscow, Krasnodarskaya Ulitsa, Building 58

Tel.: +7 (499) 356-79-95

Operating hours

11:00 – 19:00, daily

Ticket price

Entrance ticket – 300 rubles

Reduced rate (children, retirees, disabled persons, full-time students, conscripted soldiers, and parents of large families) – 200 rubles

Founder, Director of the museum

Dmitry Aleksandrovich Lomakov



About museum

In 1987, Dmitry Lomakov (collector of antique motor vehicles, initiator of creation and now the director of the Lomakov Museum of Vintage Cars and Motorbikes, President of the Russian Club of Vintage Cars and Motorbikes Lovers Retromotor, expert of the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation, co-chairman of the Union of Non-State Museums of Russia), realizing that it was necessary to show his unique collection to living people and to provide conditions for its preservation for posterity, decided to create a museum of vintage cars and motorbikes. The Lomakovs dynasty of collectors and restorers of antique cars, and the fascination of Dmitry Lomakov with antique cars and history began with Dmitry’s father, Alexander Alekseevich Lomakov (1928-2005) (in 1959 he restored the 1916 Rolls-Royce, which Vladimir Lenin rode in, and before Lenin – the brother of Nicholas II, Mikhail Romanov). To find out if people needed a museum, Dmitry created a trial exposition of the Lomakov Museum in one of the largest garages belonging to the Lomakovs (south of Moscow), where he personally received visitors and guided tours for many years. In 2000, after 13 years of facing the bureaucracy and collecting countless, often unnecessary, approvals, Lomakov managed to obtain a large land plot at 58 Krasnodarskaya Street in southeast Moscow in Lublin. There, Lomakov built the first hall of the Lomakov Museum by using his personal savings. In 2003, the exposition moved from the garage to Lublin, where the Lomakov Museum is now operating. The museum is a member of the Union of Non-State Museums of Russia.