The Industrial Culture Museum


Contact information

Moscow, Zarechiye ul., building 3a

Tel .: +7 (916) 535-76-84


Operating hours

Daily from 11:00 to 19:00

Ticket price

Free entrance

The museum founder (director / owner)

Lev Naumovich Zheleznyakov



About museum

The museum contains various everyday items from the USSR. You can touch them and look them over. The museum regularly hosts themed exhibitions and festivals for children and adults. The museum does not have the usual signs, barriers, and display cases. Entrance to the museum is free.

The Industrial Culture Museum is an unusual museum. It is a museum of memories. Most of the items once surrounded us in everyday life and were in our homes. Families often visit the museum and everyone finds something they like.

Children will be interested to see their parents’ toys. You can even play with some exhibits. Moms will see old household appliances, sewing machines, and other women’s “little things” that our grandmothers used. Cars, motorbikes, and all kinds of tools await the dads.

Almost all the objects are familiar and very often you can hear people say, “but we had that!” The older generation starts to tell the younger one about how they lived, and the excursion into the past begins…

Our museum has become a kind of interest club, uniting amateurs and technology history keepers. Parts of the museum’s exhibitions are collections presented to the museum by these people. Some items were donated by visitors to our museum.

The museum has a military history club and 2 times a year (in May and September) a holiday is held, a historical events reconstruction called Historical Chronicles.