The Cold War Museum “Bunker-42 on Taganka”


Contact information

Moscow, 5 Kotelnicheskiy pereulok, building 11

Тел.: +7 (499) 703-44-55, + 7 (495) 500-05-53, + 7 (495) 500-05-54


Ticket price

Entrance ticket – 450 rubles

Workshop “A lesson in the museum” – 600 rubles

Pre-booking by appointment

Director of the museum

Sergei Vladimirovich Kamenskii



About museum

“Bunker-42” is one of the most unusual museums in Moscow, located in the center of the capital at a depth of 65 meters. Visitors to this mysterious place will have to find out a lot of interesting and classified data.

We offer guest tours for all tastes: “Declassified”, “Secrets of the bunker”, “Special facility on Taganka”, “Bunker-42”, “NVP”, “ZKP-42”, and “Soviet Russia”. Moving along the secret corridors, where the spirit of the 1950s still hovers, visitors come into contact with the era when the world was on the brink of nuclear war. Here you can see truly exclusive exhibits – mock-ups of rockets and aircrafts, the first Soviet atomic bomb in natural size, the memorial studio of Yuri Levitan, and much more.

The museum is a member of the China Friendly World Tourism Association.