The Car Stories Museum


Contact information

Moscow, Koptevskaya ul., 71

Tel.: +7 (495) 286-72-54


Operating hours

Tue – Sat: from 9:00 to 21:00

Sun: from 9:00 to 20:00

Mon: day off

Ticket price

Adult – 290 rubles

School children- 145 rubles

Children under 3 years old – free

Discount ticket (large families, disabled, pensioners) – 150 rubles

The museum founder

Vladimir Vladimirovich Popov

The museum director

Anastasia Yurievna Rakitina



About museum

All adults were once children … Like any child, Vladimir Popov, the president of Favorit Motors (he owns the idea of creating the museum), dreamed of a pedal car in his childhood … He is really passionate about his hobby and can talk about it for a long time, interestingly and inspirationally. Some specimens for the collection had to be collected literally from around the world (the steering wheel was from Bulgaria, the wheel was from Australia), and they are worth as much as real, adult cars. Restoration is a little easier than for “real cars”. As a result, some of the exhibits turned out to be better than the factory ones released during Soviet times.

The main exposition of the museum is a collection of Soviet pedal cars for children, which were the ultimate dream of every Soviet child. Adults and children, coming to the Car Stories Museum, linger here for a long time: adults are immersed in the memories of their childhood, learning facts from the history of the USSR, and children can try “cars in motion” in a specially equipped “car park” at this time. The test drive of the Soviet-made pedal cars is especially pleasing to the children, and traffic lights, road signs, and markings help to study traffic rules in a playful way.

A lot of interactive stands attract particular attention: one of them is a stand with headphones, where information on Soviet life, childhood, the automobile industry, and life in general is presented by periods; stands with displays will tell about the production of the first pedal cars in a global context. They help visitors to learn more about the museum and the Soviet era in all its glory. The cinema hall on the territory of the museum demonstrates various films: feature films and documentaries, including those telling about the restoration of the museum collection. The Car Stories Museum has been conveniently placed on the territory of the Favorit Motors motorway, where everyone will find something to their liking.

Every Saturday from 13:00 – 15:00, various events, creative master classes, and even concerts are held in the art zone of the museum.