The Art Traditions Museum


Contact information

Moscow, Prospekt Mira, 101, bld. 2, unit 1, room 21

Tel.: +7 (495) 137-78-68


Operating hours

You can invite us to visit you in Moscow, in the Moscow region, and in St. Petersburg by appointment

Ticket price

The price for traveling exhibitions at any site depends on the theme and scale of the exhibition; guided tours are always included in the program at no cost; for workshops the cost is calculated separately

Collector, founder, owner of the museum

Maria Sergeyevna Kuznetsova



About museum

Our collection of Russian traditional crafts has evolved over 20 years. Today, in our collection there are unique Zhostovo and Nizhny Tagil trays, traditional clay toys, painted household utensils, and lacquer miniatures.

“At some point, I faced the fact that compatriots can remember three types of handicraft with great difficulty but according to various sources, there are more than 50 of them! Of course, there was a desire to change this – to talk about the history of their origins, to emphasize the value of handmade work, and to show its significance, originality and, of course, that crafts can be harmoniously integrated into our modern life. When the collection had already exceeded 500 exhibits, it became clear that it was time to share and acquaint people with the areas of traditional decorative and applied arts, and thereby not only popularizing native crafts, but also giving joy and inspiration from contact with such a close and real art form.

We were looking for a new format and presentation, an audience, and realized that the best option was to go with a really beautiful and informative exhibition to the people. We literally bring art to people. This is how our mobile museum project “Art is Near” appeared.

Our task is to provoke interest, so that you will want to know more and will then visit museums on your own, purchase something for yourself or for friends. It is important to understand that art and folk crafts live and develop as long as they are valued and bought.

Now we are focusing on cooperation with enterprises in folk art crafts, masters, museums, private collectors, and enthusiasts like us. We hold wonderful exhibitions together and give people vivid emotions, cultural enrichment, and a lot of joy.”