The “Art Deco” Museum of Contemporary, Decorative, and Industrial Art


Contact information

Moscow, Luzhnetskaya Embankment, structure 4, Building 2/4

Tel.: +7 (495) 639-94-84


Operating hours

Tuesday – Friday, 11:00 – 19:00 (box office operates until 18:30)

Saturday – Sunday, 11:00 – 20:00 (box office operates until 19:30)

Closed on Mondays

Ticket price

Entrance ticket – 200 rubles

Reduced rate – 150 rubles

Amateur photography – 100 rubles


Tour bundle (up to 5 persons) – 2,000 rubles

Tour with foreign language guidance – 3,000 rubles

Tour bundle (6-15 persons) – 3,000 persons

Tour with foreign language guidance – 4,000 rubles

Founder and owner of the museum

Okroyan Okroevich Mkrtich

Director of the museum

Alla Feodorovna Baban



About museum

Philanthropist and entrepreneur Okroyan Okroevich Mkrtich became the first collector in Russia to form an extensive collection of works from the Art Deco era. Popularization of the collection and acquaintance of the Russian audience with the Art Deco style is one of the main tasks of the thematic museum.

The museum is a member of ICOM.

The museum conducts active exhibition and educational activities: lectures and seminars, workshops and exhibitions, and conferences and round tables are held. The museum regularly hosts sightseeing and thematic tours of the museum’s exposition, where you can learn about the decorative arts of the 1920-1940s. The series of educational programs are designed for a wide audience and are dedicated to various aspects of the development of art of the 1880s-1950s. The series of lectures “Legendary Art Deco” introduces the atmosphere of the “Roaring Twenties”, the era of jazz and Charleston, music halls, and Hollywood films. The “Multi-faced Art Nouveau” course is devoted to the Art Nouveau style, in which its stylistic features are highlighted in detail, with special emphasis on the regional features of Art Nouveau. The Art Deco Museum annually takes part in the Olympics “Museums. Parks. Estates”, designed for students who are invited to go through an exciting quest at the museum. The “Student’s Day at the Art Deco Museum” and the annual conference “Art Nouveau – Art Deco: Metamorphosis of Styles” are aimed at studying the theoretical, educational, methodological, and practical heritage of Art Nouveau and Art Deco. These events allow not only the discussion of current problems in the theory and history of art, but also the establishment of contacts and ties in the scientific community.

The “Generation 55+” program, created by the museum team, is dynamic and is based on the use of various formats of active immersion in the history of art. Regular lectures, film screenings, tours, and workshops allow the older generation to keep up an active lifestyle and intellectual well-being.