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Andrey Ataevich Myatiev



About museum

The Bicycle Museum was conceived in 1988, at the same time the collection gathering and research began in the field of the history of bicycles and motorcycles in Russia and the USSR. Since 1997, active exhibition work has been carried out and the museum’s expositions have been repeatedly shown at various venues in Moscow (Sokolniki Park, VDNkH, the Museum of Modern History of Russia, etc.) and other cities: Vladimir, Kolomna, Kostroma, and Zvenigorod. More than 200 articles in various periodicals and three books have been published, based on research materials. Work is underway to publish five more books. On the Bicycle Museum’s initiative, the Historic Bike Ride has been held in Moscow for the seventh year.

In 2016, it had international status: we received more than 60 guests from 14 countries.

Currently, the museum has more than 150,000 exhibits.

The collection basis is 780 bicycles produced between 1860 and 2000, both domestic and foreign. The bicycle machines made in pre-revolutionary Russia and the USSR are of particular interest. The bicycle features and accessories collection (lights, bells, license plates, tools, etc.) complements and diversifies the bike collection. Many unique memorial items collected once belonged to prominent figures in cycling, great athletes, design engineers, and travelers. The “paper” part of the collection consists of a library with more than 8,000 books, brochures, cycling magazines from 1860–2000, prospectuses and catalogs, rare historical documents, and also a photo archive (over 110,000 original photographs in various media).

The archive has no analogues either on the territory of Russia or abroad.