Secret Museum. Charskay’s workroom


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Moscow, Naschokinsky Pereulok, 6

Phone: +7 (926) 247-71-57


Operating hours

Tours: Tuesday: 12:00–21:00, Thursday: 12:00–21:00

Lectures: Sunday: 19:00–21:30

Master classes: Friday: 16:00–21:00

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Free entry

We accept voluntary charitable donations

Founder / owner / director of the museum

Lyudmila Gennadievna Charskaya



About museum

The history of the creation of the collection “Secret Museum. Charskay’s workroom” is mysterious even to the owner of this collection herself. All the exhibited items found their way to the collection themselves. They are unbelievable findings and discoveries. Some of them were given to the artist as a gift, something was inherited by her from her previous colleagues and something came as a fee for artistic paintings she did to order… Even the artist’s works themselves are mysterious, as the mystery of the art has not been revealed completely yet.

For her outstanding merits and achievements in fine arts, the Government of Moscow and Creative Union of Artists of Russia allocated a studio to Charskaya for the creation of cultural values, educational activity and the development of the Russian culture in general.

The first thing that Lyudmila did was to have the allocated space renovated. A series of stories related to the past, the present and the future came alive there: stamps on the bricks of the old building, the previous owner’s history and the history of the artist’s family got intertwined and are still displayed in her paintings.

The main and the most numerous part of the collection is formed by artistic paintings and graphic drawings made by the artist Lyudmila Charskaya, as well as some artistic and graphics works made by some members of the Charsky artistic dynasty and by other artists from Charskay’s collection. The collection of the museum includes artefacts and objects belonging to 18th–20th centuries. Every display item has extraordinary properties and a unique story wrapped in mystery.

In fact, “Secret Museum. Charskays’s workroom” is the artist’s workroom, apartment and home. It’s the holy of the holies, the very place where the artwork of the artist working and living at the same time with us is created. It’s the very place where the artist creates her masterpieces. Here you can enjoy the authentic copies until they enter private collections and museums.

It’s a secret place, as the doors of this house are open only to those who take a real interest in history and fine arts.

You can smell painter’s paint here, touch rare objects, as well as speak with the artist herself and her friends.

On the whole, “Secret Museum, Charskay’s workroom” is a up-market educational project: lectures are given by leading specialists from the Tretyakov Gallery, the Pushkin State Museum of Fine Arts and other museums.