Museum of Wooden Toys in Lublino


Contact information

Moscow, ul. Krasnodonskaya, building 39

Tel.: +7 (499) 784-53-71, +7 (926) 144-69-64, +7 (926) 694-46-41


Operating hours


Ticket price

370 rubles

Founder of the museum

Maksim Igorevich Tuvanov

Director of the museum

Elena Vassilyevna Tumanova



About museum

“It all started with a passion for the “Bogorodskaya” toy. I especially liked the bear toys. I was surprised by the variety of stories about these toys. I started collecting toys just for the sake of interest. After all, every story is a ditty, a fleeting thought of the toy maker, embodied in the image of a toy. Some stories are no longer performed, as with the departure of the master his stories also disappear. Over time, the collection has grown. This is how the idea of a museum and a museum program, dedicated to the “Bogorodsky” craft, came about.”

The museum has been in existence for more than eight years. It presents carpentry, turning, and carved wooden toys. The basis of the exhibition is a unique collection of traditional “Bogorodsky” toys: there are more than 300 different stories. 90 % of them are no longer produced. In addition to toys, the museum has an extensive collection of products, decorated with traditional types of Russian paintings. You can also learn more about the collection of nesting dolls and folk dolls.

The museum is “living”: you can touch any exhibit with your hands and even play with it.

The museum staff has developed a field program with a masterclass. This option is very interesting for kindergartens and primary schools from other countries and those, who find it difficult to take young children to another area. During the summer holidays, the field program is relevant for urban summer camps.