Museum of Nomadic Culture


Contact information

Moscow, ul. Aviamotornaya, Building 30 A

Tel.: +7 (916) 513-31-48


Operating hours

By appointment

Ticket price

Entrance ticket, tour, masterclass (for a group of up to 19 people): 7000 rubles

Founder of the museum (Director/Owner)

Konstantin Kuksin



About museum

The Museum of Nomadic Culture was created by Konstantin Kuksin, a traveller, ethnographer, and writer, on the territory of the “Ark” school number 1321. It all started with a trip to China on bicycles through Mongolia. Konstantin became so interested in Mongolia that the first exhibit of the museum, the Mongolian Yurt, was brought from there and the concept was invented.

You can visit a Mongolian Yurt or a Tibetan tent without leaving the capital. The Museum of Nomadic Culture consists of more than 20 authentic dwellings, brought from different places. During the tour, you will visit the home of one of the people, learn more about who the nomads are and why they roam, listen to legends and stories about them, try on national clothes, play national games, and shoot arrows. You are allowed to touch the exhibits with your hands.

The museum’s guides are anthropologists, each of whom has personally visited the nomads. The museum is open by appointment. The exhibition is recommended for children from 8 years old.

The museum’s collection includes: Nenets chum, Mongolian yurt, Tuareg tent, Bedouin tent, Kyrgyz Yurt, Chukchi yaranga, Tsaatan chum, Sami Vezha, Tibetan tent, Gypsy tent, South American Indian hut, Indian tipi, Iranian alatsik, Maasai tent, Genghis Khan Yurt, and Yurt headquarters.