Museum of Military History


Contact information

Moscow, Krutitsky Patriarchal farmstead, ul. Krutitskaya

Tel.: +7 929 652-71-98, +7 926 669-63-82, +7 925 209-02-82, +7 916 605-23-66


Operating hours

Monday – Friday from 10:00 to 21:00

Ticket price

Entrance ticket – from 640 rubles

Founder of the museum (Owner / Director)

Viktor Kralin



About museum

The idea of creating a “living museum” is to demonstrate history as a part of ordinary life, like a smartphone or visiting a theatre, to the visitors; to separate associations with dusty cabinets, lectures, and folklore in its modern sense from visiting a museum; to introduce an ordinary person into a special space, based on the historical reconstruction. It is obvious that this is a kind of recreation, in this case – the recreation of objects of material culture, everyday life, and various practices, as well as historical events of the past centuries. Simply put, the museum tells the truth and only the truth about the history, and does it in a high-quality, professional, and entertaining way.

The format of the museum is unique and very different from the usual excursion programs from our childhood. The main emphasis is on interactivity. You can touch many exhibits with your hands, try on and, so to speak, feel on your own skin what it was like for soldiers on the battlefield in armor. All the museum’s exhibits are created on the basis of careful study of archaeological research and archival materials, and accurately present the historical originals to you.

The story about the history and features of people’s lives also takes the form of an active dialogue and game, which is much more conducive to the perception of information and learning.