“Land of Soviets” USSR Museum


Contact information

ul. Samokatnaya, 4, str. 34, Moscow, Creative space of the former Kristall plant

Tel.: +7 (495) 988-80-40


E-mail: muzeyretro@yandex.ru

Operating hours

Daily 10:00–21:00

Ticket price

adult – 600 roubles, discount ticket (children from 3 to 10 years old, large families, pensioners, full-time students) – 400 rubles, children up to 3 years old, veterans and participants of World War II, participants of military operations, disabled people of 1 and 2 groups, orphans and children left without parents, disabled children, Heroes of the USSR, Heroes of the Russian Federation, full cavaliers of the Order of Glory – free of charge.

Founder, owner, and director of the museum

Oktyabrsky Dmitry Yurievich



About museum

The idea came to museum worker Dmitry Oktyabrsky. He is the founder of more than 5 successful projects in the museum industry.

An amazing point on the map of museums in Russia, which will unite everyone: the older generation will plunge into a pleasant nostalgia, the younger generation will discover a wonderful world that they could only hear about before.

The “Land of Soviets” is the museum where you will not see the notorious sign “Do not touch with your hands!”. Touch, feel, immerse yourself! Each exhibit is charged with special energy of the past.

The space is divided into zones reflecting the warmest moments of the Soviet era: sports zone, tourist zone, garage, Soviet toys, living room, kitchen, Soviet yard. In each location, in addition to the exhibits, there will be an interactive experience that will be the final point of your immersion!

Competitions with weights, soulful sit-downs with a guitar, playing gorodki, watching diafilms – all this is just a small part of what the “Land of Soviets” is preparing for you!

Fans of Soviet cars will surely queue up to be photographed in a real Zaporozhets, repeating a photo from the past!

After visiting our museum nobody will remain indifferent, because we created this place with special love, awe, and attention to details. Do not be surprised if you notice among the exhibits things that once pleased you or you have seen on the photos that showed your parents.