The Samovar House Museum

Moscow Oblast

Contact information

Moscow region, Kolomna, Posadskaya ul., building 11

Tel.: +7 (915) 20-50-775


Operating hours

Mon – Sun: 10: 00 – 20: 00

Ticket price

Adults – 300-400 rubles

Children – 200 rubles

The museum founders

Margarita and Alexander Burov



About museum

The Samovar House Burov family private collection exhibition is an exhibition of 600 old samovars and more than 200 antiquities.

In the Samovar House guests take an exciting journey back centuries, get acquainted with the samovar development history and with the culture of tea drinking, and learn the structure of the samovar and its principle of operation. Tourists are invited to solve mystery objects, name the parts that make up the samovar, and try to rekindle it themselves in the courtyard of the estate. The most capable ones will be presented with a Samovar House gingerbread souvenir, made to order in the city of Tula according to an old Russian recipe. Staying in the interior of a peasant’s izba in stylized clothes on a Russian stove or in a merchant’s house (tables covered with tablecloths with embroidery, old chests of drawers and sideboards), when “samovars were young” is a complete immersion into an atmosphere of warmth, cordiality and hospitality, which is emphasized by the flavored tea.

Samovar is not only a symbol of Russian life, but also part of the national culture. One of the main tasks of the museum is to preserve the historical heritage. A samovar is a symbol of Russia, like a balalaika and a nesting doll. These original symbols of Russian culture are recognizable throughout the world. Samovar is a participant in any feast in Russia, uniting a family, and contributing to the preservation of the tradition of tea drinking and pleasant communication over a cup of tea in the era of computer employment.

The Burov family private collection is of particular value, since it presents not only the vast geography of Russian samovar production, but also rare examples of decorative and applied art from other countries in the field of metal art, recommended for serious scientific research. A samovar is an original subject, which reflected the copper production features over a half century, as well as the artistic taste of Russian masters. This non-living metal product has a living soul.