The Museum of Peasant Lifestyle “Zhili-Bili”

Moscow Oblast

Contact information

Moscow Region, Sergiev Posad, Valovaya Ul., Building 22

Tel.: +7 (496) 542-99-96

Operating hours

11:00 – 19:00 daily

Ticket price

full ticket price – 200 rubles

children – 100 rubles

Founder of the museum

Viktor Yurievich Bagrov



About museum

The museum was created in 2006 with the idea of the local artist and cultural figure Viktor Yurievich Bagrov, who, over the years of work and traveling, has gathered a rich collection of household items and household goods of peasants. It was decided to place the museum in the artist’s workshop. In 2014, an art gallery was also opened, where visitors can get acquainted with the works of Viktor Yuryevich and other local artists.

The museum presents a wide variety of objects of peasant life, including a collection of toys (wooden Bogorodsk, Dymkovsk, Kargopol, Abashevsk, and Filimonovo ceramic toys and soft toys; Zagorsk, Semenovsk, and Polkhov-Maidan nesting dolls), a section of clay and black-glazed ceramics, tools of various crafts, a “peasant hut” installation, a collection of minerals, an art gallery, and a small exhibition hall. In the summer, an open-air museum operates on the territory with an exposition of equipment for machinery of old crafts. Also, there is an enclosure with squirrels on site.