The Oak Museum in the Gifts of Oak Estate near Zvenigorod

Moscow Oblast

Contact information

Moscow region, Karinskoe village, 25.

Phone: +7 (926) 715-49-87

Operating hours

Wed. – Fri.: 12:00-18:00

Sat. – Sun.: 10:00-20:00

by appointment

Ticket price

Adult ticket – 400 rubles.

Children (up to 12 years old) – 250 rubles.

Children under 5 – free entrance.

Founder, owner and director of the museum

Galina Vasilyevna Ryazanova



About museum

The Oak Museum in the Gifts of Oak Estate near Zvenigorod started with the creation of a gastronomic brand “Zvenigorod Oak Acorn Coffee”, an ancient forgotten healthy drink. A Russian proverb says: “An oak tree in your yard is the food on your table”.

We invite you on a trip “For Happiness” to the Gifts of Oak Estate, which is located near Zvenigorod, in Russian Switzerland near Moscow. Here you will find out the secrets that the oak hides, hear all about its properties and extraordinary features, learn about the forgotten traditions, legends, and tales, and of course try the main course — the Zvenigorod Oak Acorn Coffee with the scent of nuts, malt, and rural banya. The mighty tree will share its flavor and health with you, and the oak rituals will bring happiness and luck to your life! And lastly, you will make a wish at the longest swing bridge in the Moscow region. After visiting the estate, you can walk down the ancient streets of the Karinskoe village to the Bridge of Sighs of Love and enjoy the picturesque landscapes — after all, it was here that Rou filmed his famous fairy tale movies.

The museum is housed in the Karinskoye village, which was founded in 1358, in the old house, the only one out of six houses that had survived the Great Patriotic War. Log walls, warm Russian stove, souvenirs and crafts made of oak, and the smell of acorn coffee — that’s what makes the visit so interesting and exciting.