The Museum of Women’s Lives: “Spinning, weaving, embroidering…”

Moscow Oblast

Contact information

Moscow oblast, Kolomna, Posadskaya St., 32

Tel.: +7 (916) 941-60-61, +7 (977) 335-61-61


VK //club 188985656

Operating hours

Mon, Tue – days off

Wed-Sun: 10:00-18:00

Ticket price

Entrance fee: 250-300 rubles;

Guided tour included: 300-350 rubles;

Workshop: from 150 to 500 RUB.

Owner and director of museum

Natalia Leonidovna Ryabtseva



About museum

The museum is dedicated to the simple woman, who lived a hard life, while creating exceptionally beautiful things – towels, tablecloths, valances, festive costumes decorated with woven and embroidered patterns. The objects that make up the exhibition are authentic and unique. Nothing is the same among them. Everything people have worn, as well as things they used in everyday life and farming, were created by their hands, from the materials that they collected and grew on their own. That is why the saying “Spinning, weaving, embroidering…” has become the motto of The Museum of Women’s Lives.

The museum offers its visitors excursions and workshops. Recently, a veranda was opened, where gatherings and tea parties are organised; an additional exhibition pavillion hosts thematic exhibitions.