The Moo-Museum (a collection of objects depicting cows and bulls)

Moscow Oblast

Contact information

Moscow region, Zvenigorod, Vvedenskoe, Zvenigorod Sanatorium named after Sechenov, 1, bldg 3

Tel.: +7 (917) 569-52-09; +7 (926) 249-95-40 (WhatsApp)



Operating hours

Open daily 10:00 – 19:00
seven days a week

Ticket price


Founder, owner of the museum

Irina Bochkova



About museum

Our Moo-Museum dates back to 2001 and is a collection of a wide variety of objects featuring images of cows and bulls. In twenty years it has grown to 35,000 items and has become a four-time nominee for the Russian Book of Records. Initially, the museum was a virtual museum: anyone could view the exhibits by going to the Internet site. The administration of the Zvenigorod sanatorium provided premises for the exposition. By exhibiting our collection we strove to show people how bizarre, diverse and unusual fantasy of masters and artists of the world, devoted to a single subject – “The Cow”, could be.

The museum is dedicated to exhibiting magnets, toys, packaging, coins, stamps, badges and other objects depicting cows and bulls.

The arsenal of our exhibitions includes temporary exhibitions on the territory of district libraries and schools in Moscow, and also joint projects with the Darwin Museum, the Central House of Artists, the Local History Museum of the town of Uzlovaya, the Tula region, and the Ecological Museum of the town of Tula. Uzlovaya Museum of the Tula Region, the Exotarium of the city of Tula

1. Magnets – 12 000 pcs.

2. toys, games, creative activity sets and Christmas-tree decorations – 3340 pcs.

3. Tableware – 1400 pcs.

4. Figurines – 2560 pcs.

5. Household goods (textiles, embroidery, phone stands, paper napkins, candles and candle holders, piggy banks) – 1080 pcs.

6. Jingle bells – 120 pcs.

7. Pictures, prints, panels – 400 pcs.

8. Packaging, labels, wrappers – 1870 pcs.

9. Stamps -1010 pcs.

10. Coins – 200 pcs.

11. Banknotes – 160 pcs.

12. Badges, medals, award badges – 1,050 pcs.

13. Accessories (brooches, earrings, belts, thimbles, key chains, business card holders) – 350 pcs.

14. Postcards – 1700 pcs.

15. Calendars – 2000 pcs.

16. Books, notebooks, notepads, coloring books – over 1,000 pcs.

17. Clocks – 30 pcs