The Historical Museum “Back to the USSR”

Moscow Oblast

Contact information

Moscow Region, Zvenigorod, Moskovskaya Ul., Building 7/9

Tel.: +7 (905) 706-60-75


Operating hours

10:00 – 19:00 daily

Ticket price

Adult – 400 rubles

Children under 12 – 250 rubles

Children under 5 – free

Founders of the museum

N. Bakuncheva, S. Ustiugova, and T. Faizrakhmanova



About museum

Three women with creative ambitions and boundless energy finally found application to their potential, when in November 2017 they opened their own museum, filled with positive emotions and good memories.

The “Back to the USSR” museum is for those whose childhoods passed in their yards and who were called back home by mothers from the windows; who drank soda and milkshakes from one faceted glasses and who ate the most delicious ice cream; who were pioneers and little octobrists, who wrote handwritten letters on paper and collected waste paper; who danced to the radio, who were out on fieldworks and part of construction teams…

The “Back to the USSR” museum has already become a notable event for the tourist industry of the Moscow Region. And most importantly, it found a response in the hearts of people; both the older generation and children react enthusiastically to the exposition and tours.

In the museum you can see and try everything in action: write in traditional style at a real school desk, smell Soviet perfumes and colognes, spin phone disks, type something on a typewriter, watch the first KVN TV through the lens, read the press of the 30-80s, and listen to the “vinyl” and a reel tape recorder.