Navigator Museum

Moscow Oblast

Contact information

Kolomna, Ul. Zaytseva, building 14, Moscow region

Tel: +7 (800) 350-39-08, +7 (495) 228-11-10, +7 (985) 069-75-18, +7 (985) 876-89-62


Operating hours

Daily from 10:00 to 20:00 by appointment

Ticket price

Entrance – admission is free.

Full (with tour) – 200 rubles.

Discounted (with tour – 150 rubles).

Founder of the museum (Owner / Director)

Natalia Nikitina



About museum

The Navigator Museum is located at the junction of the Kolomna Kremlin and the Kolomna Posad, at the Pyatnitsky gate tower. The museum’s collection gives visitors an opportunity to learn more about the artifacts that defined the development of the city. The Kolomna coin, the famous Kolomna pot, gold silk fabric with brocade embroidery, and picturesque porcelain from the Kudinov factory demonstrate the commercial and craft diversity of Kolomna. Acquaintance with the rarities begins in the museum and continues outside its walls along the “routes of time” through historical Kolomna.

The Navigator Museum is also a visitor center. We help you to plan a museum and city route and offer a “single ticket” to the museums of the Kolomna Posad and a city tour with pleasant discounts.

There is also a souvenir shop with themed gifts, route maps, a magazine for freestyle walkers called “Okolokolomna”, and books of the “Kolomna Text” series.

Exhibition: Kudinov brothers’ porcelain, Kolomna patterned fabric, Kolomna pots, Kolomna money.