Museum of Matches

Moscow Oblast

Contact information

Moscow Region, Lyubertsy, Ul. Kotelnicheskiy Proezd, building 25 b, section D

Tel.: +7 (939) 000-77-77


Operating hours

Daily from 09:00 to 18:00

Saturday, Sunday: Closed

Founder of the museum

Bogdan Alexandrovich Semeno



About museum

The idea of creating the museum belongs to its director, Bogdan Aleksandrovich Semeno. It all started with the collecting of sets of matches issued in the USSR. Now the museum’s collection includes more than 3,000 exhibits that can tell you about the beauty, culture, and history of our country.

The work of the museum is presented in several ways.

Creation of an electronic catalog dedicated to the sets of matches issued in the USSR and in the former Soviet Union, which will allow any match collector not only to keep record of their own collection, but also to assess the state of their individual exhibits.

The increase of interest in collecting. Promotion and development of match collecting.

Carrying out cultural and educational works, because the thematic diversity of the collected items allows us to hold joint exhibitions with major museums and exhibition spaces, such as the Central House of Artists, the Cosmonautics Museum, the Museum of Moscow, the State Defense Museum of Moscow, the Lenino-Snegirev Military and History Museum, and other museums.

Production of souvenir sets of matches, made in the best traditions of the Soviet period with the use of not only household matches, but also matches of special purpose – for a fireplace, for hunting, for a picnic, and so on.

We hope that in our age of various lighters that have filled the market, a small, simple match that gives light and warmth is not in danger of being forgotten.