“Iron Kingdom” museum of metal sculptures

Moscow Oblast

Contact information

Moscow Region, Krasnogorsky district, Korostovo, building 24,

Tel.: +7 (985) 784-10-49

E-mail: jelezomuzey@mail.ru


Operating hours

Monday – Friday: from 10:00 to 20:00

Founder of the museum

Valentin Yakovlevich Vorobyev



About museum

The “Iron Kingdom” exhibition complex was built on the territory of a private household in the village of Korostovo, Krasnogorsk district.

Three exhibition halls contain a collection of the best artworks of the modern blacksmiths-artists from different cities of Russia – from St. Petersburg to Angarsk, as well as the blacksmiths from the Lugansk People’s Republic. The museum’s exhibits are the works of the highest level, with a philosophical filling, unique in their form and emotional intensity. The masters presented the creation of their intellect, dreams, and flight of thought with the help of hammer and anvil.

The workshop-forge allows you to conduct masterclasses in forging. The chapel in honor of the icon of the Sovereign Mother of God marked the beginning of the construction of the entire complex.

The museum presents the works of different masters, who each express their ideas in metal in their own way. Some of them inherited their profession and are now trying to improve it, as well as find new artistic and technological solutions.

Our motto is to surprise and please!

We must not forget that we live in Russia. This is where our roots are, and it gives us inspiration. We went through the Volga cities with exhibitions, including Rybinsk, Uglich, Yaroslavl, Saratov, Cheboksary, Rostov Veliky, Belgorod, Pereslavl-Zalessky, and Suzdal.

We must not forget the exhibition at the Louvre in Paris (2012), which included the section of Russian cultural heritage, where Russian blacksmiths demonstrated their collective work at the international level – the forged bridge. We were proud, and Parisians saw the real masters from Russia.