«Furniture Museum» private cultural institution

Moscow Oblast

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Moscow Region, Istrinsky district, Luzhki, building 2

E-mail: smirvald@mail.ru

Operating hours

By agreement with the museum owner

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By agreement

Founder of the museum (Director / Owner)

Valentin Vladimirovich Smirnov



About museum

In the late 19th–early 20th centuries, Vladimir Osipovich Girshman (1867 1936), a well-known entrepreneur and philanthropist who went down in the history of Russian culture as one of the outstanding collectors of his time, lived in the «House at the Red Gates» in Moscow. One of his hobbies was modern Russian painting and drawing; the collection of decorative and applied art, namely furniture, was no less interesting to him. According to the famous collector and art critic I. I. Lazarevsky, this collection was «the only one for the beauty of its exhibits and their preservation». The collection included furniture made not only in Russia but also abroad. The best part of the collection was made by the domestic furniture masters of the 17th-19th centuries.

On January 27, 1998, the first edition of the cultural institution «Furniture Museum» was registered. The museum waslocated in Moscow on Taganskaya street. In July 1999, it was opened to visitors. The museum has existed for 16 years. During this time, a large amount of furniture of various styles was collected. All the furniture presented in the museum was renovated by the craftsmen of the «Smirwald» restoration company.

Recently, the museum had financial difficulties so the decision was made to move the exhibition to the Moscow Region. Currently the exhibition is located in an unpretentious place from the outside, but comfortable and beautiful on the inside. The museum staff is ready to welcome you to the «Furniture Museum» in their new location.