“Dolls in the Hut” home museum of folk dolls

Moscow Oblast

Contact information

Moscow region,the city of Taldom, 1st Kimrsky proezd, building 4

Tel.: +7 (906) 741-82-74

E-mail: asijavvk@rambler.ru

Operating hours

Every day except Monday

Ticket price

Visiting the museum is free, excursions and master classes are free

Founder / Owner / Director of the museum

Anastasia Urievna klyeva



About museum

Since 2009, our family has regularly organized exhibitions of traditional folk dolls. Over all this time, a large number of dolls and antique items have been collected. Then the idea to build and open a museum of dolls on a private plot appeared, so that everyone could see the exhibition of dolls at any time. The old household items that were preserved by the local residents, were used for the exhibition. Currently, everyone can visit our museum. The exposition of the museum changes depending on the time of year and national holidays.

The collection is based on traditional dolls of the peoples of Russia, as well as old household items. Much of what is in the collection was given by the local residents. Chests, valances, towels, lace and many other things are displayed in the museum.