Museum of the History of the Mordovian Region from the 16th–17th centuries


Contact information

Republic of Mordovia, Saransk, ul. Ulyanov, building 73


Operating hours

Saturday, Sunday: from 12:00 to 18:00, on weekdays by prior arrangement

Ticket price

Adults – 70 rubles

Children – 50 rubles

Tour service – 500 rubles

Master class – 70 rubles/person

Founder of the museum

Dmitry Viktorovich Frolov

Owner/Director of the museum

Igor Alexandrovich Loshkarev



About museum

The museum’s activities include exhibiting, storing, and scientifically processing the attribution of items related to the time period indicated in the museum’s name. The museum has religious objects of worship from the 16th-20th centuries as well as reconstructions and new models of various items from the 16th-17th centuries (clothing and things from life and military affairs).

There is a collection of reconstructed clothing, household items, weapons, and cult items from the 16th-17th centuries, and a small collection of ethnographic clothing from this region and household items.