The House of Bog Oak

Mari El Republic

Contact information

425350, the Republic of Mari El, city of Koz’modemyansk, Likhacheva Ulitsa., building 12

Tel.: +7 (800) 700-46-96



Operating hours

13:00 – 20:00 daily

No admission on Mondays

During fall and winter period (1 October – 30 April) the museum operates by appointment

Ticket price

Adults: 150 rubles

Children: 50 rubles

Discounts provided for group visits

Founder and owner of the museum

Vladimir Yurievich Kazakov



About museum

We have the only exposition in Russia, which is entirely devoted to a rare fossil material – subfossil oak wood, widely and traditionally called bog oak. How is it formed? The water moving in the river washes the banks all the time, gradually changing the channel of its course. For this reason, oak trees growing along the banks from time to time fall into the water and are buried in the thickness of alluvial deposits. There, in the river depths, by means of natural mineralization lasting for hundreds and thousands of years, nature creates a qualitatively new material, which is drastically different from the wood of a growing tree. The exposition of the Bog Oak House-Museum has collected and presented interesting information about this unique natural material. This information is illustrated with an original collection of objects of decorative art made exclusively from bog oak. You can see thematic installations, decorative compositions, mosaic panels, vases, and sculpture of natural forms. All exhibits are handmade. Also, while sitting in a throne chair made of bog oak roots, every visitor is given the opportunity to personally, individually, and intimately communicate with this fossil material. A person can fully feel its natural energy, share his or her innermost desires with it, and the “magic pen” in the “Book of Desires” installation will serve as a mean of communication. Among rare and valuable materials, bog oak occupies a special place. This is a royal and legendary material. Carrying an indestructible energy of the universe, it teaches people strength, reason, beauty and love.