Center of Ceramics of the Republic of Mari El

Mari El Republic

Contact information

Yoshkar Ola, Sovetskaya ul., building 104

Tel.: +7 937 110-88-08

Instagram: muzeikeramiki

Operating hours

From 10:00 to 20:00 daily

Ticket price

Admission – 100 rubles

Admission with a tour – 150 rubles

Reduced rate (retirees, students, schoolers) – 50 rubles

Children under 7 – free

Founder of the museum

Igor Arkadievich Strelnikov (1968 – 2018)

Chair of the non-profit, Director of the museum

Elena Nikolaevna Grubova

Legal Founder of the museum

Irina Protasova

Legal Founder of the museum

Olga Kislitsina

Legal Founder of the museum

Aleksei Shutilev



About museum

The founder of the Museum of Ceramics and creative studio is Igor Strelnikov, a talented ceramist with fourteen years of experience, igniting others with his ideas. He began his career in ceramics with souvenirs, from development to implementation; he created one of the largest production in the region, but remained a creative and ideological person, developed not only in the mass direction, but also individually creative. Having mastered the craft of a potter, he strove to let people know that the pottery craft at the moment is rare and not quite accessible in training, since no university will teach this; it is only possible adopt it from the master! Having created our museum and art studio, he not only introduced people to the beautiful, but also taught the skills of pottery. Over the course of his life, he created many wonderful works and trained many talented artists. Nowadays, the studio and the museum are working in many directions: pottery craft, modeling, ceramic painting, batik, stained glass and ceramic tile painting.