Shavings ANT-Museum. Craftsman’s place

Leningrad region

Contact information

Leningrad region, Kirovsky district, Otradnoye

Tel.: +7 (911) 750-81-61, +7 (952) 235-17-55

Operating hours

by appointment

Ticket price

Package price. Negotiable. The package offer includes: a tour of the territory, an entrance ticket to the museum, a workshop. Groups of up to 10 people.

Available for an extra fee: family recipes tasting, tea drink brewing, souvenirs.

Individual consultation with a specialist – 2000 rubles. Original therapeutic approaches are used in the consultation: logotherapy, puppet therapy, fairytale therapy, play therapy, forest therapy.

The founder, owner, director of the museum

Elena Olegovna Volodina



About museum

Shavings ANT-Museum is a family business, a private museum land owned by a craftsmen family in the Neva region. The museum collected various materials, photos of different years, household items, and craft tools based on the family tree and family history. The museum has also built a collection of games and toys, designer and folk dolls.

Museum work:

– Adaptation and transformation of the Human to Human model based on the studies of traditions and local identity of the Neva region.

– Consultations, museum workshops, research, and local history work.

– Running a news feed and a podcast, aiming to go digital.

– Development of a new therapy, thanks to the unique location.