Perun’s move. Kobzev House-Museum of Artists

Leningrad region

Contact information

Leningrad Region, Staraya Ladoga, ul. Museinaya, building 3

Tel: +7 (921) 969-29-98, +7 (921) 328-34-18


Operating hours

Monday–Friday: 9:00 to 16:30

If you call in advance, excursions in the evenings and weekends are possible.

Owner and director of the museum

Sergey Vasilyevich Kobzev



About museum

This is a House-Museum of the ancient life of Ladoga. The “Russia is our home, our fortress” exhibition is a series of paintings that depicts medieval Russian fortresses in their heyday, including the architecture of the fortress walls recreated by artists according to ancient plans and drawings. There are paintings depicting brothers Rurik, Truvor, and Sineus, who ruled the ancient fortresses. Rurik ruled Ladoga, Truvor ruled Izborsk, and Sineus ruled Belovodie. There is a portrait of Oleg the prophet with a raven on his shoulder. The raven is the personification of wisdom. Nowadays, Oleg the prophet is buried In the village of Staraya Ladoga (on the Hill of Oleg the Prophet), where, according to the chronicle, he died of a snakebite.