“Fairy-Tale Yard” Museum

Leningrad region

Contact information

Leningrad Region, Staraya Ladoga, Volkhovsky Prospect, building 27

Tel.: +7 (921) 969-29-98, +7 (921) 328-34-18

E-mail: S_kobzev2002@mail.ru, Creative63@mail.ru


Operating hours

Saturday – Sunday: from 10:00 to 18:00

Ticket price

Ticket – 100 rubles

Students – 50 rubles

For pensioners and school children – 20 rubles

Founders of the museum

Svetlana Efimovna Kobzeva, Sergey Vasilievich Kobzev



About museum

Svetlana Efimovna and Sergey Vasilyevich Kobzev are professional teachers and artists, as well as full members of the Petrovskaya Academy of Science and Art. For more than thirty years they have been researching and promoting the history of Russian culture.

From 1996-1998 they represented the exhibition of Fortress of the North-West Regions at the International Restoration Exhibition in Germany, Leipzig (denkmal). They also studied in Italy.

They took part in government events in Venice and held training on the basics of tourism in the Japanese Center of St. Petersburg. Along with the Committee of Culture of the Russian Federation they represented the Leningrad Region exhibitions at the VDNH in Moscow, and the “Symbols of the Fatherland” exhibition of the Ministry of Defense. The exhibitions are held annually in Federal museums of Russia, as well as in the Federal Security Service of the Russian Federation and the Investigative Academy. The artistic Kobzevs contribute to the development of tourism and general education, describe and create the unique stories, transferring them to the books, in which they study and show the uniqueness of our land and homeland to the future generations. In the year of the 1150th anniversary of Russian statehood, they received the “Fortress of the Russian North-from Rurik Ruler to Peter the Great” presidential grand. The “Ladoga. Fairy-Tale Yard of Russia” was published. They participated in competitions of entrance signs, sculptures in Staraya Ladoga, and were engaged in landscaping. In the Yam city, the Kobzevs worked on the “Grove of Remembrance” project in Kingisepp and held exhibitions in the museum. They participated in the exhibitions and competitions, devoted to the Governor of the Region, in the exhibition hall of the Museum Agency of the Leningrad Region. The House-Museum of Staraya Ladoga Life was created in the village of Staraya Ladoga. The “Fairy-Tale Yard” Museum conducts annual cooperation with the Museum Agency of the Leningrad Region on the issues of all the museums of the region.

In the” Fairy-Tale Yard” Museum the Kobzevs conduct programs and masterclasses on the development of creative abilities, stimulating interest in Russian folk crafts and crafts. There is a Slavic hut of rituals and divination on the territory of the “Fairy-Tale Yard” Museum. The museum provides support for and development of the interest to the native land and its history, as well as to its traditions and culture.

This is the House-Museum of ancient Life of Ladoga. The “Russia – our home, our fortress” exhibition presents a series of paintings that depict medieval Russian fortresses in their heyday; the architecture of the fortress walls was created by the artists according to the ancient plans and drawings. On the walls there are images of Rurik, Truvor, and Sineus – the three brothers who ruled ancient fortresses. Rurik ruled in Ladoga, Truvor- in Izborsk, and Sineus – in Belovodie. The portrait of the prophetic Oleg with a raven on his shoulder. Raven is the personification of wisdom. Now the prophetic Oleg is buried in Staraya Ladoga (the hill of the prophetic Oleg), where, according to the chronicle, he died of a snake bite.

The “Fairy-Tale Yard” Club of Friends of the Kobzev House-Museum of Artists invites you to cooperate as sponsors in the new projects and mobile exhibitions in Russia and abroad. The museum’s workshops help to develop design projects for the new concepts.